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ss_sucks's Journal

The Social Services Are WRONG.
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This is a community for all those whose lives have been affected by social services.

In short, it's a place to talk about how social services wreak lives, tear apart families, and generally fuck up on their "assessments" of ordinary people, whilst letting genuine cases of horrific abuse continue under their noses!

It is a place to talk about experiances with social workers, health visitors, and similar "professionals", to discuss current media issues regarding the failings of social services departments worldwide, and to suggest what *we'd* like to see done by these organisations to improve themselves!

Please also feel free to talk about general policies you think are wrong, even if they dont directly affect you, any real-life incidents you object to, and any realvant Tv, radio, or magazine coverage - be it true to life, or completely fictional!

This is just a little, fledgeling thing now, but as it grows (I hope it does!) I hope this community will become a great source of information and help for anyone trapped in social services' web.

I know there is a lot of info out there, but very little of it is UK based, (and what there is out there is hard to find!!) and whilst Livejournal has a comunity for the social workers, it does not have one for their victims.

Until now!

Okay, one little note - *I* am UK-based, therefore this community is essentially Uk-based, but please dont let that stop you from joining if you hail from the other side of the atlantic!

People of all nationalities, races, colours, ethnic backgrounds, sexualities, ect, are more than welcome to join, provided they follow a few simple rules!

1) Please make your first post an introduction. Tell us a little about yourself, what brought you here, ect.
One little note though - if you come to this community in a "professional" capacity (ie, you're a social worker or health visitor) you MUST make this known IMMEDIATLEY. Either by posting, or in an email to myself. Failure to do this WILL result in you being banned, and reported to LJ Abuse.

If anyone is reluctant to post with the knowledge that their "enemies" may be lurking, contact me. Im willing and able to provide alternative id's specifically to post here - although those id's WILL be monitored! (basically so no-one gets one and goes off to start a flame war)

This community, for now, is open membership. ANY abuse of this trust by "professionals" will result in moderated membership.

To be honest, I am extremely reluctant to allow any "professionals" to join, but I think that since there are (very few!) some "genuine" social workers out there, they should be given a chance. After all, if there's going to be ANY change in the archaic establishments, what better place to start making it than with its pawns??
What's more, the truly naeive in the social work fraternity MUST be educated as to the damage their organisations do to people's lives!

Rule 2) Try not to flame. Okay, some flames are inevitable, given the topic, but *try* to keep these down!

Rule 3) The moderator's descision is final!
For now, there's only myself, but I do hope to enlist others to assist with this. For now, I'll try to be as fair and impartial as possible.