Lara (tinycorvid) wrote in ss_sucks,

Hie thar.

Just confirming I'm not from Social Services or anything...

I'm Lara and I'm from London (UK). I'm a 15 year old girl and I've been involved with SS since I was 8.

Social Services put me with a 62 year old perverted man in Hertfordshire with no teeth, cateracts, no hair, his skin hanging off in folds, and about 10 tattoos (one was of a man peeing..) who was a chain smoker and liked to treat me badly. He was called Danny. He didn't even allow me to take my medication or pain killers (I'd just come out of the hospital after a month with a blood and bone infection). I've since run away and I'm temporarily back with my mum.

I've been in a few different foster homes because my mum has cancer and kidney failure and is always in the hospital. I've been treated badly by mostly all of them, and one time I was held hostage. Last time I was in foster care, with Danny, I wasn't allowed to use the phone to call out and tell people how he was treating me. I now have permanent physical damage because he had my medication locked in his room he'd rarely give it to me when I needed it.

Now they're forcing me to go back to foster care, for no given reason, and I'm going to have to switch schools in the middle of my GCSE course.

Social Services works for their own benefit, not other peoples' like it seems.
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