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My name is Sue, I am a lousy typist, so if this goes all small letters it's because I'm lazy,too.
My story is going on 3 years old in june. my now 17 yo girl is in a psychiatric hospital, my 14 yo girl and 12 yo boy are in foster care, and my husband is doing a year in jail for a crime he didn't do, but he wasn't gonna take a chance on a trial and maybe get life in prison.
My personal feelings about cps and foster care is that there is a lot of changes needed to fix this horribly biased system. you are guilty just because a kid says so. what happened to investigation? or even listening to the parents? I gave cps medical records about Tracie,(the oldest) that showed she was developmently delayed and all sorts of other stuff, i don't think anybody read them. AND, even if my husband had gone to trial and was found not guilty the family court wouldn't have to honor it because the system is different in family court.
criminal= beyond a reasonable doubt
family= a preponderance of evidence or is/was it possible?
so nothing ever gets investigated.
the way my husbands sentencing reads, he can't come home after jail is done, untill both kids are over 16, if they ever let them come home.I know our love is strong enough but I don't know if I can "physically" hold on that long. i have M.S. and the body doesn't always do what I want it to.
Here i go feeling sorry for myself when i know other people have it worse.
Hi to everybody!!
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