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I noticed that there's been some activity in the community lately. Therefore, I thought it might be worth posting an update on what's been happening since I posted three years ago.

I've been in seven traumatic foster homes, the last one by far the most damaging. I lost my mum to cancer when I was fifteen and in the midst of the most abusive home, as I wrote in my last entry here. Since I managed to escape in 2005, I've been staying at friends' houses so I could finish school. I did that for two years, living with one friend in particular which was a bit difficult as I didn't have a bedroom. I finally ended up finding a rented room a few miles away where I stayed another year to finish my last year of A-levels.

Cutting to present day, I'm relieved to say that after so many years of foster care and being passed on from home to home, I managed to get three straight A's in my A-levels and now go to Cardiff University. Unfortunately, care leavers who manage to do well at school are in the extreme minority, so anyone who is one should be extremely proud. I knew it was my only escape from the instability I'm used to, hence why I worked so hard.

I finally got the strength to see a therapist for the lasting effects of abuse in foster care. I've been diagnosed with (Complex) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depression, and I've been having cognitive therapy for four months now on top of medication that I have to take permanently until further notice. My therapist and the mental health nurse I've seen have both repeatedly expressed how they can't believe I got this far despite what happened.

So yeah... finally out of the care system and close to living normally now. That only took what, half of my life?
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