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i just joined. I have lost my daughter twice now. first time for the fact that i was sick for a month and bed ridden. my house got bad. so we got her back. then the social services had someone in my home who decided to call my landlord and threaten him. so landlord proceeded to evict us.(rent was paid, just didn't want us there because of CPS involvement.) then the motel we moved into, I was suffering from endometriosis and i bled through onto the sheets(unable to help it). so the motel kicked us out. and they took my girl again. the first time she was taken she regressed to the point of refusing to talk. they moved her six times in three months. the second time she ended up with a great foster mom, so she did well. we have her back now and are going to court dec 1 to hopefully close our case. yet we still have it hanging over our heads till may at minimum. In Ok it is a felony to have a dirty house.... if we screw up we end up in jail for life and loosing the only thing that ever mattered....
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