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In November 2004, my mum passed away from cancer. The foster carers I was placed with blamed me for her "murder", although I wasn't responsible for her disease. They took this advantage to abuse me both mentally and physically as I didn't have any blood family in the country to help me. After a year of mental and physical abuse, I escaped to Belgium to my blood family (well, my dad) because I couldn't take it anymore. I'm now in a terrible mental state which I need a lot of therapy for, especially after a good 7 abusive foster homes since the age of 8. I've now just turned 17, and my friend offered to let me live with her so I'm staying here.

I find it sickening how I was officially left homeless in the UK, and had to travel to another country for shelter. At only 16. They found another crappy home for me in London, but 20 minutes before I left my dad's to go to live there, I got a phone call telling me the carers just left the country and that they were going to put me in a foster home I'd already been stuck in before, where they'd taken me hostage. I refused to go and that's when my friend let me stay with her.

I was not helped at all by Social Services. They overlooked all the years of abuse I've had to endure. And couldn't help me when I was homeless when I was thrown out. Nice work.
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